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Review ~ ~ Amazing Science Volume 1 Review
If you ask my kids what their favorite subject is, science will be the answer. It is a rare occasion when they don't want to do an experiment (somebody must be sick!) and anytime we have company over they are eager to show them something cool. We all jumped at the chance to review Amazing Science Volume 1 from The day it arrived here it was immediately taken out of my hands and put in the DVD player. A few minutes later we were doing this.....

 photo IMG_2601.jpg
This experiment is called color changing milk.  It made a beautiful tie dye look!

 This was a favorite for the kids and myself. They have enjoyed sharing this one with friends.

This 2 DVD set is full of fun and interesting science experiments as well as full explanations of why and how each experiment works.The website says it is for grades 1-3 but older children can benefit from it as well. My 5 year old has been loving all this "sciency" stuff.

There are 32 experiments in all including.....

Disk 1Disk 2
1) Color Changing Milk 13) Floating Eggs
2) Egg in a Bottle14) Keep Paper Dry Underwater
3) Exploring Air Pressure15) Dry Ice Bubbles
4) Build a Lemon Battery16) Balloon in a Candle Flame 
5) Inverted Cup of Water17) Ocean in a Bottle
6) Candle Suction Power18) Build a Motor with Lights
7) Amazing Magnetic Force  19) Simple Lava Lamp
8) Lift an Ice Cube with String20) Invisible Ink
9) Unburnable Money21) Density Tower
10) Matchstick Speedboat22) Soda Can Fizz
11) Reversing an Image with Water               23) Build a Motor #2
12) Cloud in a Bottle 

My kids enjoyed watching Jason perform the experiments on the DVD as much as they liked trying some themselves.  Not every experiment turned out exactly like it did on the DVD. An example was this one.....

The experiment had us hold a balloon over a candle. It popped almost immediately.

Then we used a second balloon with some water inside it. The kids guessed that it wouldn't pop because of the water.

But it did! (It wasn't supposed to.) Guess we didn't use enough water inside? So some experiments got repeated a few times.

This was a great example about how different variables can create a different outcome. The kids got really involved in trying again to get a desired result.

Do you remember invisible ink when you were a kid? This DVD shows you how to make it!

The kids wrote invisible messages on paper and then had other people in the house discover them by using blueberry juice.

I see a lot of secret messages going out in the future. Review

I love how almost every one of these experiments uses items found in the home already, or use inexpensive and mostly easy to find items. I love how Jason explains each concept thoroughly in an interesting way that is never boring or dry. I love how the kids will go and gather the needed items after watching the videos and then bring me to demonstrate what they saw and learned.

And I really love how all four of my kids could enjoy doing these activities together! has won some awards for this and other products they have on their website. Review

You can purchase this 2 DVD set at for $17.95 or you can download it for $14.99.

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