Wednesday, January 22, 2014

L is for Locks Of Love Haircuts

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L is for Locks Of Love Haircuts

Between my own haircut for Locks Of Love back in November and my 3 girls who just donated,
 we have given a total of 45 inches! I took my 2 older girls to a salon because I thought they might enjoy someone cutting their hair besides me. They seemed to have fun.

River gave 10 inches!

 photo ChristmasandLilyVideos026.jpg


  photo ChristmasandLilyVideos027.jpg


  photo ChristmasandLilyVideos030.jpg

Skye gave 10 inches also!


 photo ChristmasandLilyVideos029.jpg


  photo ChristmasandLilyVideos031.jpg


  photo LocksOfLovegirls008.jpg

Here are their ponytails side by side.

  photo ChristmasandLilyVideos033.jpg

The stylist didn't have time that day to cur Star's hair. We made her an appointment for a few days later but the snows came. Then the snows came again so I gave up and cut hers myself. It hurt a little to do it, but she truly looks adorable now, and since her big 5th birthday is next week shes feeling a little more grown up.

 photo LocksOfLovegirls001.jpg


 photo LocksOfLovegirls003.jpg

After...holding her ponytail of 12 inches!

 photo LocksOfLovegirls005.jpg

All dried and styled. Shes losing that baby girl look. I cried a little!

 photo LocksOfLovegirls006.jpg

The next time we go into town we will stop by the salon and she can give them her ponytail herself. After seeing their grandmother lose her hair during her battle with ovarian cancer, which she WON by the way, they have a whole new perspective on why they decided to give their hair to another child in need. I am very proud of them! In a couple of years they will have enough to do it again.

Have a blessed week!

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