Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Bathroom

 photo Farm099_zps4d10e144.jpg

Now isn't it the cutest bathroom you have ever seen? No? Check out the inside, its so well designed! Most of these were made with boring seats facing out, but this one was made in the corner. Fancy schmancy!

 photo Farm121_zps98a51240.jpg

Ok ok, that really IS outside but there is an indoor bathroom too. It needs the most work of any room in the house in my opinion, and it isn't much bigger than the outhouse. But in the middle of the night its way better! Ive been there and done that. Midnight trips to the outhouse, in the middle of winter, and pregnant to boot make great memories, but at the time it wasn't the most enjoyable experience. LOL!

 photo Farm082_zpsf8843543.jpg

The Appalachian Engineering in here leaves a lot to be desired. Its all fixable though.

 photo Farm083_zpsd362268e.jpg

Well that concludes the tour of the house inside and out. Next up are pictures of the fields, ponds, and the barn! See the other parts of the house.....

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Farm Living Room
Farm Dining Room
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Farm Bathroom
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