Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Kitchen

Here are pictures of the kitchen, its long and narrow. You can see where the roof has been leaking in the corner.

 photo Farm094_zps6b3bd887.jpg

The appliances will be staying, and I think all the furniture in here too.

 photo Farm093_zpsb6073948.jpg

I love cute old metal cabinets :)

 photo Farm091_zpsd089bdf7.jpg

Hope that deep freeze still works!

 photo Farm092_zps51ab2d8e.jpg

We both love this little wood cookstove! I had one of these in my bus years ago :)

 photo Farm095_zps833b2eee.jpg

The sink is nice and big. Ill be putting a curtain over that and getting rid of all those chemicals ASAP. I have the perfect fabric already :)

 photo Farm097_zps2cc6a8e7.jpg

Thats it for the kitchen. See the other parts of the house.....

Farm Kitchen
Farm Living Room
Farm Dining Room
Farm Bedrooms
Farm Bathroom
Farm Pictures (outside)

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