Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Bedrooms

There are two bedrooms, Ill combine pictures of both here. Ill show the better bedroom first.....

 photo Farm072_zpsa71b5948.jpg

Love the cute little built in shelf, and a closet has been built onto the wall.

 photo Farm074_zps66e665dc.jpg

I really love this wardrobe, but it doesn't stay with the house. I don't blame them, Id take it too!

 photo Farm073_zps9c272442.jpg

This room is just off the dining room.

 photo Farm075_zpsd7634ba0.jpg

And bedroom two.....

The walls in here are paneling, not as cute as the other rooms.

 photo Farm085_zpscfa44cda.jpg

Its so crowded in here it was hard to get good pictures, sorry! There are two beds crammed in this small room.

 photo Farm084_zpse95c243c.jpg

Another cute piece of old furniture :)

 photo Farm088_zps5d02289f.jpg

More closets built onto the wall. I'm so glad! These old houses never had closets. I do not understand why not? There's another closet behind the door.

 photo Farm087_zps385792d0.jpg

The one bad thing about this room is the floor if falling in. A lack of proper guttering outside has rotted the floor joists. Its fixable, we hope!

 photo Farm086_zps03838c82.jpg

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